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Lip Tint

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Rp 49.000
** SALE ** Vivid Pop Stick
Super pigmented and vivid matte lip tint ..
Rp 98.000 Rp 49.000
La Colors - Tinted Cheek & Lips
Two-in-one for all over color - Tinted can be used on cheek and lips. Easily create a fresh-faced gl..
Rp 49.000
Tony Moly Delight Tony Tint
This lightweight, super pigmented lip tint dries quickly for a sheer, matte finish that lasts. Sh..
Rp 49.000
Vaseline Lip Theraphy 0.25oz (7g)
Rosy Lips For Healthy Looking Lips Today and Tomorrow Lip Therapy® For Soft Pink Lips Instant..
Rp 50.000
Rp 55.000
Etude House Dear Darling Tint
    OR 201 OR 202 OR 204 ..
Rp 65.000 Rp 55.000
Rp 55.000
Etude House Dear Darling Water Tint
What it is A moist-fruity water tint with the feeling of refreshing fruits bursting   ..
Rp 65.000 Rp 55.000
City Color Creamy Lips
With true opaque color, City Color Creamy Lips is a lip paint that just won't quit! A little goes a ..
Rp 69.000
NATURALLY BRIGHTENS LIPS AND CHEEKS! Lovatics by Demi Lip and Cheek Tint will have you big apple ..
Rp 75.000
Rp 125.000
** SALE ** Cailyn Starwave Mattalic Tint
Apply layer of shimmery wave of liquid stars on your lips! CAILYN Star Wave Mattalic Tint is high..
Rp 225.000 Rp 125.000
The Balm Stainiac - Beauty Queen
Stainiac “hint of tint” works with all skin tones. Dab just a touch on your Cheeks and Lips; layer t..
Rp 179.000
The Balm How About Them Apple
"How 'Bout Them Apples?" is a multi-functioning lip and cheek cream palette. Each freshly picked col..
Rp 349.000